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Preparing Mothers & Birthing Partners To Feel Confident, Calm & In Control
Course Introduction

Irish Academy of Antenatal Education

Antenatal education is in an essential component of antenatal care and the preparation for labour, birth and parenthood. International best evidence suggests that women and their partners that attend antenatal education in preparation for their birth feel more in control and have a more positive birthing experience.

The Irish Academy of Antenatal Education recognises the importance of education and have designed a unique and comprehensive programme that will provide you and your partner with the knowledge and skills to support you through your labour, birth and transition to parenthood. Our antenatal classes are taught by two highly experienced midwives and birth educators, ensuring expectant parents are provided with the most up-to-date, evidenced based, information, whilst facilitating for all types for adult learners.

Antenatal Classes Overview

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Antenatal Class Overview

Our classes will provide you with the essential education and information that you will need for empowered decision making for your birth and parenting. This education will assist you in how to become actively engaged in all aspects of your care and provide you with knowledge on a wide range of choices. These choices include holistic and medical options helping you to remain central to your birthing experience.

The philosophy of the Irish Academy of Antenatal Education is to ensure that through the provision of up to date evidence based information, education and a variety of facilitation methods, women and their birthing partners feel prepared, confident, calm and in control of their birthing experience.

Practical parenting will be a key element of the classes in which parents will learn how to care for their newborn with emphasis on infant feeding, attachment, bonding and relationship building. Another key element of our education focuses on parental health and wellbeing.

At the Irish Academy of Antenatal Education we also offer a one-day refresher course for woman who have already had a child or children. For more information on this course please click the button below.

Undisturbed Birth gives us the space to follow our instincts and to find our own rhythm in an atmosphere of support and trust”

(Dr. Sarah Buckley)

Why Choose The Irish Academy of Antenatal Education

We appreciate there are a number of antenatal classes in Dublin and it can be hard to decide which offering bests suits your needs. Antenatal education is one of the most important investments that you can make for your baby, but why should you choose the Irish Academy of Antenatal Education?

Put simply our course is one of the most up-to-date, evidence lead courses you will find in Ireland. Our trainers recognise that Antenatal Education is one of the most important investments you can ever make for you and your baby and the profound impact this education and the experience of your birth can have on the rest of your lives. They have both invested years into their personal and professional development and have designed a class for you of the highest quality education and preparation for birth and parenting.  This course is extremely detailed, rewarding and will empower you and your partner through this incredibly important journey of your life.

Preparing For Antenatal Classes

Some parents find it useful to bring with them a notebook and pen. Water and light refreshments, tea & coffee will be provided on the day. For lunch parents can choose to eat in the hotel bar or nearby in Celbridge village.

Please note the time of class: 10:00am to 17:15 pm.

It is advised to wear comfortable clothing and, if possible, bring your own pillow and birthing ball. If you have questions please feel free to call 083 831 4551 or 085 880 1759 or email

topics covered on the one-day antenatal education course


The Third Trimester

Winding Down And Preparing Your Body For Birth



Understanding Active Birth

Movement & Exercise Preparing for Active Birth

The Role of The Birthing/Support Partner

Packing Your Bags

Preparing Your Birth Preferences

Preparing for Different Modes of Birth

Labour & Birth

Understanding how your body works in labour and Birth

The Stages of Labour

Signs of labour

The Role of Hormones

Movement and Support

Protecting the Birth Environment

Keeping Birth Undisturbed

Coping Strategies /Pain Relief

Normal Birth

Assisted Birth/Induction

Caesarean Birth


The Early Days after Birth

Infant Feeding


Nappy Changing


Safe Sleeping

Practical Parenting

Bonding and Attachment

Infant Mental Health and Development

Transition to Parenthood

Parental Wellbeing

Social Supports

Course Dates & Times

Classes are conveniently run over one day on either Saturday and Sunday for ease of access. Each course starts at 10.00am and finishes at 5.15pm. Places are limited as we like to keep classes reasonably small and intimate as this helps facilitate a more rewarding and focused session for the participants. We therefore recommend booking your place as soon as possible. To do this either fill in the form below, call 083 831 4551 or 085 880 1759 or email

Course Costs

The cost of the course is €175 per couple, or €160 per single person, and can be booked online. As we are registered midwives, part of the cost may be reclaimed from your health insurer depending on your level of cover. Once you have registered your place we will contact you with more information.

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2020 Course Dates & Bookings

Full Course Dates

The next round of courses will be taking place on the below dates. Each course starts at 10.00am and finishes at 5.15pm. To reserve your place either complete the form below, call 083 831 4551 or 085 880 1759 or email


  • February 29th 2020

  • May 17th 2020

  • June 14th 2020

  • August 15th 2020

  • September 20th 2020

  • November 1st 2020

Course Booking Form

Ticket Type

Refresher Classes for Parents of Second & Subsequent Children

This class is designed to meet the needs of women who have other children. Women find this class most beneficial to recap over any previous antenatal education they may of had or likewise if they have had no exposure to antenatal education in the past. Some women may have undergone and induction of labour in the past and are now hoping for a normal physiological birth and would like some education. Likewise some women may now for the first time be preparing for a Caesarean birth or induction of labour and would like to take a class in preparation.

The course will cover the physiology of birth and how women’s bodies work in normal physiological labour along with the key principles of Active Birth. One key focus of this course is to provide women and their birthing partners with a comprehensive toolkit for labour to assist them through their birthing journey. The use of both non-pharmacological pain relief and pharmacological pain relief will be discussed together with relaxation techniques for pregnancy, labour and birth. We will also discuss postpartum recovery.

The cost of the refresher course is €80 per person. As we are registered midwives part or all of the cost may be covered by your health insurer if you have a private healthcare policy.

Refresher Course Dates & Bookings

Refresher Course Dates

The next round of refresher courses will be taking place on the below dates. Classes are held midweek and run from 09.30am until 12.30pm. To reserve your place either complete the form, call 083 831 4551 or 085 880 1759 or email


  • May 27th 2020

  • June 24th 2020

  • August 20th 2020

  • September 23rd 2020

  • November 4th 2020

  • December 2nd 2020

Refresher Course Booking Form

“Labouring Women Aren’t The Only Ones Going Through a Deep Transformation. Partners Also Go Through Powerful Inner Changes When a Baby is Born”

(Ina May Gaskin)

Celbridge Manor Hotel, Co. Kildare

It is well documented that people learn better when in an environment that is comfortable. This is important to the academy, so we have chosen a beautiful setting for the facilitation of antenatal classes in the Celbridge Manor Hotel, Co. Kildare.

Celbridge Manor Hotel is a magnificent Georgian-fronted hotel situated in the heritage town of Celbridge. The hotel is minutes from Celbridge village and was originally built in 1737 by Parliament Speaker, William Connolly. The hotel mixes old-world charm with the very best of modern convenience. We look forward to welcomeing you to this fabulous location.

If travelling to the Hotel by car there is ample free parking. If travelling by bus the number 120 bus, from Dublin, stops outside the hotel. For more information on traveling to the hotel please click HERE

“It is an amazing transformation that can take place in people when they find out the strength of birth and what an amazing source of information and inspiration it can be. It affects your life forever more

(Ina May Gaskin)

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