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Leading Irish Antenatal Educators

Fidelma and Megan have over two decades of midwifery experience between them working in one of Ireland’s largest maternity hospitals.

Firmly committed to providing the highest standards of antenatal education and support, while working along side you and preparing you for your birthing and parenting journey. Our commitment to antenatal education is based on the belief that empowering parents through up-to-date, evidence-based information and education is the most powerful support that can be given to parents at this precious time of their lives.

The education we provide will give parents the tools to take ownership of their birthing experience and assist you in making informed decisions while working in partnership with your caregivers.

Whenever and however you give birth your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life”

(Ina May Gaskin)

Fidelma McSweeney

Fidelma is a qualified nurse & midwife for over 25 years and has vast experience in all areas of midwifery care. She is currently working in a senior management position in a large maternity hospital with responsibility for the departments of parent education, community services, birthing unit, antenatal and postnatal care. Fidelma has devoted her professional career to promoting and ensuring high standards of safe evidence-based maternity care where women and their partners are central to their birthing experience while recognising the individual needs of all.

Some of Fidelma’s key interests are the education and support of parents in both parental health and wellbeing and that of their babies. She is currently involved in the development of a programme in Infant Mental Health which aims to promote healthy, holistic and optimal development of newborns and infants through supporting parents in building positive and nurturing relationships with their babies.

Effective communication between parents and their care providers remain a central focus in her philosophy of care and she is committed to her work in the wider community, developing networks to support parents in their transition to parenthood.

Fidelma’s Qualifications

Registered General Nurse, (First Class Honors)

First Class Honours, Meath Hospital, Dublin

Higher Diploma in Midwifery

Trinity College Dublin

Bachelor of Midwifery Studies

Trinity College Dublin

Higher Diploma in Healthcare Risk Management
(First Class Honors)

First Class Honours, University College Dublin

Nurse Prescriber

Royal College of Surgeon, Ireland

Preparation for Birth & Parenthood Facilitation

Certified Birth Educator with University College Cork

Black Belt in Lean Healthcare

Trigraph, Dublin

MSc in Human Factors in Patient Safety

Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland (ongoing)

Foundation Certificate in Solihull Approach

A parenting model  uses social learning theory in the design of parenting programmes

Megan Sheppard

Megan is a qualified Midwife, Lactation Consultant and the manager of the Department of Parent Education in one of Ireland’s largest maternity units. She is an experienced mother of six wonderful children.

Her passion lies in empowering and supporting parents on their birthing journey and adaptation to parenthood. Some of her key interests are in promoting normal physiological birth through the key principles of active birth and protecting the birth environment. As a Lactation Consultant she is passionate about supporting breastfeeding mothers and their families.

Megan is invested in the development of the Infant Mental Health agenda and in working with parents at an early stage, giving them the tools to promote and establish positive relationships and development of their babies. Megan has a strong belief in the power and necessity of building and sustaining communities through the support and education of parents.

Megan’s Qualifications

BSc Midwifery

First Class Honours, Trinity College, Dublin

Certified IBCLC

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, IBCLE.

Preparation for Birth & Parenthood Facilitation

Certified Birth Educator with University College Cork

Higher Diploma in Clinical Leadership

Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland

Green Belt in Lean Healthcare

Certificate, Trigraph, Dublin

Foundation Certificate in Solihull Approach

Why Choose The Irish Academy of Antenatal Education

Why Choose The Irish Academy of Antenatal Education

Antenatal education is one of the most important investments that you can make for your baby. With this in mind, we are fully committed to ensuring that all expectant parents have access to the highest quality of Antenatal Education. We recognise the importance of proper antenatal education for both mothers & partners whilst being fully committed to ensuring that the best available education is provided.

We have developed a unique package of education incorporating the key principles of Active Birth, Preparation for Birth, Relaxation, Breathing & Massage, Protecting the Birth Environment and Keeping Birth Undisturbed, Practical Parenting and Breastfeeding. Our parenting module will include a session on attachment and bonding, relationship building, stimulating environments and Infant Mental Health which aims to promote healthy, holistic and optimal development of newborns and children.

We welcome ALL mothers and partners to our classes irrespective of your choices and goals around birth, parenting and infant feeding.

Key Benefits of Our Experience & Attending Our Classes:

Learn about the following:


Preparing for your birth


Active Birth


Relaxation techniques, Breathing & Massage


Importance of keeping birth undisturbed


Protecting the birthing environment


Practical Parenting




Attachment, bonding & relationship building


Stimulating environments for your newborn


Infant Mental Health

Classes are designed to facilitate all types of Adult Learners- Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic. Training is delivered in an easily accessible & a very comfortable venue conducive to learning.

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